Rest, Roles, Layouts

I read an earlier post regarding rest and permissions, however I’m not
sure the answer covers my question.

Let’s use the simple example of a blog application. A standard user has
the ability to view blog entries. An admin has the ability to
add/edit/delete entries. Simple stuff.

What I’m wondering is, what is the best way to structure my controllers
to utilize the least amount of code?

Should I build two controllers, one for the standard user that just
allows viewing of posts and a separate controller for admin purposes.
Should I try to utilize a single controller and place permissions on
different actions?

I realize that the layouts for each role will be different. I also
realize that some actions will only be for some roles. For example: a
standard user won’t be able to post a new entry. However, I also
realized that some actions (ex: index) will be the same for both
controllers. My initial instinct is to create two controllers, but I
would like some feedback from others who have tackled the issue.

Any input would be appreciated.

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