REST Questions

Hey, everybody.

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels trying to understand particular
elements of REST.
I’ve read many blogs and tutorials, watched the PeepCode REST
screencast, and I’ve learned a lot, but it seems like the more
advanced topics are kind of glossed over.

For instance, resources nested in multiple associations (or
singularly) was demonstrated, but no code was built to prove the
concept. I just saw how you got the fancy routes.

Here’s what I mean. In routes.rb, you’ve got:

map.resources :programs do |programs|
programs.resources :tags, :name_prefix => “programs_”

map.resources :episodes do |episodes|
episodes.resources :tags, :name_prefix => "episodes_

map.resources :tags

Glancing at this, I can’t imagine how I could begin elegantly crafting

Am I looking at this all wrong? Thanks in advance.



One approach which I have found works quite well is to use protocool’s
ResourceFu ( ),
which lets you have one common ‘tags’ controller, and then a
ProgramTags controller which delegates most of its functionality to
the TagController, similarly for the EpisodeTags controller.

The documentation is a little lacking, but there is a working example
of how to use ResourceFu in the sample app, available at