Rest-more 1.0.0 released


by Cardinal Blue

Lin Jen-Shin (godfat) had given a talk about rest-core on
RubyConf Taiwan 2011. The slide is in English, but the
talk is in Mandarin.

You can also read some other topics at doc


Various REST clients such as Facebook and Twitter built with [rest-


gem install rest-more

Or if you want development version, put this in Gemfile:

gem 'rest-more', :git => 'git://

:submodules => true


The simplest usage:

require 'rest-more''_cardinalblue') # get user tweets'users/cardinalblue')  # get user info

linkedin =    => '...',
                                  :consumer_secret => '...')
linkedin.authorize_url!   # copy and paste the URL in browser to

linkedin.authorize!(‘…’) # paste your code from browser # get current user info'4') # get user info

Runnable example:

Please see slides from [] for concepts.


rest-more 1.0.0 – 2012-03-17


All clients are now asynchrony-aware. Asynchrony support is added in
rest-core >=1.0.0. Whenever you pass a callback block, the response
would then be passed to the block. Error handling is different, too.
In synchronous style, usually an exception would be raised, but in
asynchronous style, the exception would be passed to the block instead
of being raised.

  • [Dropbox] Added Dropbox support.
  • [Bing::Error] Added code method to get the original error code.
  • [Twitter::Error] Added code method to get HTTP status code.
  • [Facebook::Error] Instead of passing [true], pass error
  • [Facebook] Pages related API is reimplemented. Passing a block
    result a serious call to the callback block, ending with a nil.
  • [Config] Make sure the default attributes module is there even if
    the config file isn’t presented.