Rest-ish method for subsetting an index view?

Hey All,

My app keeps track of /people. A Person has a .typical_role property,
which (right now) takes one of the following values: [“Programmer”,
“Investigator”, “Project Manager”, “Other”].

What’s the best/easiest/neato-cool way to allow users to specify which
subset of people they want to see on the URL? I’m thinking of urls



If I wanted to do that, what would I have to do to my routes.rb,
controller, etc.? Right now all I’ve got is:

map.resources :people

Would it be better/easier to just try to have e.g., a /project_managers
index (resource? is that the right terminology?) right at the root of
the app & not try to hang if off of /people at all?

Many thanks!


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You could always do something like this:

map.connect ‘/people/:role’, :controller => ‘people’, :action => ‘index’

Personally, I’d probably go with a url structure like

map.resources :people, :collection => { :filter => :get }