REST and confirmation page routing


I’m new to Rails. I need to make a simple CRUD website.
I need a dedicate confirmation/preview page for each “create”,
“update” and “delete” action.

For the “delete”, I cannot use a JavaScript pop up function.

In each preview/confirmation page, a user should be able
to press a browser’s back button and see the form with what’s they
The preview page has two buttons “Go back to edit” and “Confirm”.
I also need to use POST for “Go back to edit”. In other words, I
cannot use session storage.

I set in my routes.rb
map.resources :posts

But this is of course not enough.

What could be a good approach to this situation?
I have no idea how to make use of REST here. What could be in routes.rb?
In the preview page, I think I need to have hidden form where only the
button “Go back to edit” is visible to POST and go back
to the previous page.

Is there any open source project that would be a good example for this