Response object in SOAP


I use ruby to get a report by calling a soap based web service method.I
am getting a ruby object of this type SOAP::Mapping::Object.

I inspected the object; I tried getting the info out of the object
without luck.

Considering the soapResponse is the object returned by the web method I
have tried things like soapResponse["//some_elem"] … stuff like that.
But I get nils (except for the root).

I can convert the response to an array … using __xmlele I think and
then parse it. This should be a solution.

But what should I do to correctly parse the object?
How do I access the received envelope? This should be easy …


I solved it.

It seems the way to access the information within a SOAP object is to
call public_methods onto the response object and look for the method
that accesses an element. The return on that method is another object.
Once again you can see the public methods and so on, repeating those
steps until you reach the desired value.

check for which element to call by using the public_methods metod.