Responds_to_parent plugin

Not sure where I can get help with this one but I getting a wierd
behavior out of safari when trying to use the responds to parent
plugin. Basically I have the following in my view:

<%= form_tag({:action => "create"}, {:multipart => "true", :target => "frame"}) %>
<%= text_field("publisher", "name", "size" => 20) %>
<%= text_field("publisher", "website", "size" => 20) %>
<%= file_column_field("publisher", "logo") %>
<%= submit_tag("Save") %> <%= end_form_tag %>

its a simple little proof of concept app that I have been playing
with as my knowledge of rails grows as well as as new features/
plugins come out so that I can see how different things work.

the controller looks like this:

def create
@publisher = Publisher.create(params[:publisher])
responds_to_parent do
render :update do |page|
page.replace_html ‘rightcolumncontent’, :partial => ‘show’

my problem is that safari automatically tries to create the publisher
as soon as I load up the new publisher page and runs create. This
happens after I try to load something. It seems to be getting the
iframe target from cache or something but I am not sure what. IE and
Firefox behave exactly as they should. Any thoughts on how to get
safari to play nice with this page?



I should clarify, I did some more testing and it only seems to do
this when I call the template using RJS. The link I use to load the
page is a link to remote that replaces the inner_html of a div. if I
go to another page (regular link_to) and than come back and call
click on the link_to_remote link safari behaves as it should.
Starting to look like I need to rethink how this is going to work
unfortunately unless anyone has a suggestion.


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