Respond_to and format


I use a “format” parameter in my application for internal calculations.
But Rails catches it and uses for view name.
I mean, if I go to url:
Rails tries to show me index.xml.erb view, but I don’t want this! I want
the application to continue showing index.html.erb template.
How can I do this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

wrong url?
check “

On 11 ÓÅÎÔ, 15:06, cheef [email protected] wrote:

wrong url?
check “

No, no, the task was exactly reverse.
I want to see normal html template (and not xml), but if I pass
“format=xml” as a query parameter, Rails will try to display xml
template (which doesn’t exist)
How to avoid this? I want html to be displayed always and don’t depent
on query parameters.

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