Resources and pretty URLS

Using the brand-spanking new map.resources for REST goodness, is there a
way to pass in additional parameters, or do I have to go back to
standard routes. For example, is there a way to use the map.resources
to response to urls like:

/blog/2005/02/03/ => :controller => :blog, :action => :show, :year =>
2005, :month => ‘02’, :day => ‘03’


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Two articles that ought to help:

and the more recent

I would add a second and non REST route like this:

:controller => ‘blog’, :action => ‘index’,
:year => nil, :month => nil, :day => nil,
:requirements => { :year => /\d{4}/, :month => /\d{1,2}/, :day
/\d{1,2}/ }

Now in your controller index action simply check for the params. If
given, filter posts accordingly.

Hope this helps,