Resourceful routing and admin namespace question

Hi all. I have a route file like this:

Deals::Application.routes.draw do
root to: “Main#home”

resources :vendors do
resources :offers

match ‘/admin’ => ‘Admin::Pages#index’

namespace :admin do
match ‘/login’, to: ‘Sessions#new’
resources :offers, :vendors
resources :sessions, only: [:new, :create, :destroy]

First of all I would like to know if the way I declared the namespace
the matching rules inside it are ok.

Next, I want the visitors of the app (front-end) to be able only to view
the :offers and :vendor resources (index & show actions). I only want to
allow admins ( which are the logged users, to be
to manage these resources (edit, add, delete etc). How could I implement

Should I do it like this? Or could I just
it as is and not implement the actions in the public controllers?

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