Reset() for probe_avg_mag_sqrd


my application is monitoring the RF level and often changeing the
frequency. Unfortunately it takes some time for probe_avg_mag_sqrd to
adjust to the new RF level (about 2 seconds if old level -10dB and new
level -40dB).
I found out the the iir-filter probe_avg_mag_sqrd uses has a reset
function, so all I did was adding a reset-function in probe_avg_mag_sqrd
to call it and it seems so work fine.
Is there any reason probe_avg_mag_sqrd doesn´t have a reset function
yet? Is there some problem I don´t see?
In case not, could that be added in official GNURadio? Otherwise my
application would only work with modified GNURadio (or I would need to
include my modified probe_avg_mag_sqrd with a new name in my
appliaction). I would prefer to have this feature in official GNURadio,
as it´s probably useful for somebody else as well.

Best regards

Note: I´m not sending a patch because it´s just 3 lines of code and I
don´t know Python, so somebody else would have to complete it anyway.


this might be useful, can you post an issue on, and
describe as clearly as possible what you need? A patch, even if small,
also helps to make things clearer for us.


I posted the issue with a patch about 2 weeks ago, I´m not sure anybody
has seen it yet:
Would be great if it could be included.


Am 04.08.2014 11:05, schrieb Martin B.:


Johnathan asked you a couple of questions regarding your patch. I’m not
sure if you’ve already answered him, but the usual approach here is that
we continue patch-related discussions on the issue tracker. So what it
looks like from here is that’s actually stalling on you :slight_smile:

Once things are in the issue tracker, they don’t get forgotten. However,
sometimes it takes longer to merge/address things. Hope this doesn’t
discourage you or any other contributor.


On 09/18/2014 10:29 AM, Stefan O. wrote:

fatal: git-http-push failed
You should make a clone of the gnuradio on github under your github
account, then push your work to a branch there so people can look at it.

Only a few people can push to the main gnuradio repository.


I´m sorry, I just looked at that issue just before writing that mail, he
must have updated that while I was writing the mail.
And no, I was not discouraged, I´ve been on holiday the last weeks,
that´s why I did not response the last weeks.
Anyway, I created a git branch like requested, I never really worked
with gut before, so I just followed a guide, but in the last step I´ll
get an error:

Cannot access URL gnuradio.git - GNU Radio, return code 22
fatal: git-http-push failed

What am I doing wrong? Do I need somekind of login data? I set my name
and email using git config, but I was never asked for username/password?

Best regards

Am 22.08.2014 12:09, schrieb Martin B.: