Rerun 0.6.3 released

rerun 0.6.3 released

gem install rerun

== Description:

Rerun launches your program, then watches the filesystem. If a relevant
changes, then it restarts your program.

Rerun works for both long-running processes (e.g. apps) and
short-running ones
(e.g. tests). So it works like shotgun and autotest (and guard and all

Rerun’s advantage is its simple design. Since it uses standard Unix
and “SIGKILL” signals, you’re sure the restarted app is really acting
like it was when you ran it from the command line the first time.

== New features:

  • better signal handling

  • support for “foreman” and Heroku Cedar apps

(And hey, does Shotgun reload your Worker processes if you’re using
and a Procfile? I don’t think it does…)

  • On-The-Fly Commands

    While the app is (re)running, you can make things happen by pressing

    r - restart (as if a file had changed)
    c - clear the screen
    x - exit (just like control-C)


as of rerun 0.6.3, it polls 1x/sec for keyboard input (e.g. “c” to
clear the screen). This polling requires a momentary setting of the
tty to “raw” mode which unfortunately affects both input and output
streams. So sometimes your output loses the ability to turn “LF”
into “CRLF” for just a few msec, and things get all messy.

rerun 0.6.5 fixes this. Your output logs should be as clean as a fresh

Only tested on Mac OS X Lion. Please let me know if other systems
require other stty tweaks.