Rerouting between controller's actions *WITHOUT REDIRECT_TO*

Hello everyone, I need to implement first level permalink style url
routing inside my rails application, ie:


For each permalink there’s an associated record (model: Permalink) so
permalink = Permalink.find_by_url(“first_link.html”)

the following gives me the action and controller associated to the


to handle the routing of these permalinks I’m forced to use this,
inside my routes.rb:
map.connect(’:permalink.html’, :controller => “permalinks”, :action =>

class PermalinksController < ApplicationController
def drive()
permalink = Permalink.find_by_url(params[:permalink])



the entire site is based on these kind of permalinks, so I’d like to
reroute the execution flow from Permalinks::drive() to the
controller’s action specified by the selected permalink.

The only constraint I can’t avoid is that I can’t use redirect_to
because it would rewrite the browser’s url and I need to keep the same
url for the entire request.

How can I achieve this?

(I hope this will be a builtin feature )

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Well, that’s isn’t something easy to get going :slight_smile:

What you need to do is remove this “permalink” controller and
implement the urls using permalinks for each model/controller pair
that requires them.

Maurício Linhares |

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 5:46 AM, maurizio de

Quoting maurizio de magnis [email protected]:

the following gives me the action and controller associated to the permalink


How can I achieve this?

I’ve not tried it, but can Ruby proc objects be serialized? If so, just
the appropriate method call, and call it after setting params[].


Unfortunately this solution can’t be adopted since one of my
constraints is to avoid having nested directories in the url, so I
can’t use something like /mycontroller/my_link.html, I’m forced to use
/my_link_about_my_controller.html instead.

And don’t be fooled by the pattern I’ve just used! Urls get generated
in an unpredictable (by routes.rb) way.

One solution I’m currently trying is by adopting “apotomo” plugin
which is based upon the “cells” plugin.

The latter, which is extremely simple, could’ve solved my problem but
the first is even more powerful so I’m digging in with that :wink:

thx for sharing your thoughts btw :slight_smile:

2009/7/8 Maurício Linhares [email protected]:

Nops, procs can’t be serialized, but you could (at your own risk)
serialize a string with the code and then eval it.

Maurício Linhares |

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