[REQUIREMENTS] Macromedia Flash View for Rails Controller

Hi I know there is no real requirements tag but I was unsure what to
label this message, please don’t flame me :-).

I am using the Javascript Integration Kit with Macromedia Flash to
make a local connection to the rendered Rails view. I am then using
Flash to render my page components (sort of like you do with Lazlo or
Flex etc.) though Javascript acts as a proxy for me. Ideally I would
like to construct a collection of variables similar to what you might
find in a rails view and make those variables present in my Flash
Object. Here is what I have so far:

rails calls a macromedia flash method ‘render_action’ and passes these

data ={
flash:, { warning:,error:,notice: },
env_table, { the env_table from the @controller},
content_for_layout: {user supplied hash of page objects}
params: {other attributes like id etc.}

This object is serialized by json and passed down to flash OK. Do you
think this is enough for the typical rails view or am I missing some
properties that might be useful. I don’t want to over develop this
iteration but at the same time I don’t want to stunt it.

Second question:
Presently, I building the custom javascript object in the view from
the native objects passed in by the rail’s controller. Because I only
need javascript is this something that rjs templates might be better
for? I have never done them and I am just a little shaky on the best
places to use them.