Require: "No such file to load"


I’m having trouble with Rails failing to find things I’ve installed
with Rubygems… (I’m new to rails so I might not be doing this

First I tried to use ‘calibre/bbcode’. My ‘gem install calibre-bbcode’
worked, and I can use it from within irb with no problems… But when
I tried to “require ‘calibre/bbcode’” from a Rails app, it says “No
such file to load”

I figured this was a bug in calibre-bbcode. So I ignored it and went
on to something else. Later on in the day I tried to use ‘diff-lcs’.
Again ‘gem install diff-lcs’ works, and I can use it from within IRB.
But when I try to require it from a Rails app, it again says “No such
file to load”.

How can I make this problem go away?


Simon Detheridge
SEN Developer, Widgit Software

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