Require "ajax_scaffold" in model error


Hi there,

I’ve got installed ajax_scaffold_generator (3.1.2, 2.2.1)

Anyway I’m following the example here <
articles/2006/04/18/ajaxscaffold-3-1-0-released> which suggests the
following in a model file:

require ‘ajax_scaffold’
class Pet < ActiveRecord::Base

belongs_to :person, :foreign_key => “owner_id”

@scaffold_columns = [, { :name => “name” }),, { :name => “owner”,
:eval => “”, :sort_sql => “” })


However, I’m getting the following error when loading it in a browser…

MissingSourceFile in PetsController#list
no such file to load – ajax_scaffold

Any ideas on where this ajax_scaffold ought to be found and why it’s
not finding it?


with regards,

Lachlan Deck


Hey Lachlan, if you don’t need 2.2.1 of this gem installed, I would
recommend doing the following:

gem cleanup

Now, when you perform a ‘gem list’ at the command line, you should see
the following for ajax_scaffold_generator:

ajax_scaffold_generator (3.2.1)

This should resolve the issue that you’re seeing.



Hey Lachlan, you may need to rerun the ajax_scaffold_generator to make
sure that you’re starting off clean.



Hi there,

On 01/05/2006, at 5:59 AM, Conrad T. wrote:

This should resolve the issue that you’re seeing.
Thanks Conrad. That was it.

with regards,

Lachlan Deck