Request for Help

Hello all. As many of you have read, I am getting ready to release an
extension for managing stylesheets and javascript files apart from
pages. I am finding that it would be helpful to know the average and
maximum numbers of documents it may have to handle.

So, I have some quick questions for those of you using Radiant for a
production site:

  1. How many css files are used by your site (not for the radiant
    admin, but the actual public site)? If you have more than one
    Radiant site the maximum number is what I need (though a ballpark
    average might be nice too).
  2. Same question - but this time for your javascripts.
  3. Bonus question: Same question - but this time how many Radiant
    layouts (ignore any that are just for css or js serving).

Please email me directly – I’m not sure that your answers would help
others on the mailing list so let’s not clog everybody’s inbox :slight_smile: .

Thank you all so much for your help,