Request body in a module

Hi, have been trying to read the request body in my module, using the
information I have gotten from this forum and some blogs and basically
up with the following functions
as can be seen in this post Reading request body in a module.
problem is that the request_body.bufs seem to contain no data.

If I check the request body with the following conf:

log_format my_tracking $request_body;

   location /dd {
      access_log  logs/postdata.log my_tracking;

    location /demo {
      access_log  logs/postdata.log my_tracking;

I get the request_boody logged in the first /dd post request but in the
second /demo I do not get anything logged if I post data
Use the following command the trying it out: curl -v --request POST -d
“a=b” http://localhost:8080/dd
Anyone that have an idea what can be wrong?

Best Regards

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