[Req] : allow user to tag/flag messages, threads


see title.

This info is stored per user.
Motivation: tag interesting messages, for later usage.

=> the logical next step is to display the user-entered tags => search
previously tagged messages, by tag (Ã -la del.icio.us)


Another option would be for the tags to be global (=> usable by all
users in search).

If appointed volunteers where authorized to assign those tags to thread,
the entire community would benefit: it would make the permanent shower
of messages that is this list much more searchable.

example of tags:
platform: linux, macos, windows
section: view, controller, model, db, installation, hosting,
optimization, plugin, engine
db: mysql, postgres, sqlserver, sqllite
misc: ide, ruby, noise (= useless)
level: newbie, advanced

When starting a search, you would click the tags as in del.icio.us to
limit the search.