[repost] newbie questions

Hi all,

I’m following the shop example in ‘Agile Web D. with Rails’.

I would like to extend the checkout screen, in such a way people can
the number of items they have selected in there cart.

In my controller I have:

def checkout
@cart = find_cart
@items = @cart.items
if @items.empty?
redirect_to_index(“There’s nothing in your cart!”)
@order = Order.new
@address = Address.new

I also created the following checkout.rhtml file:

<% @page_title = “Checkout” -%>

<%= error_messages_for(:order) %>

<%= start_form_tag(:action => “update_order”) %>

<%= render(:partial => 'orderitem', :collection => @items) %>

<%= submit_tag “Update” %>

<%= end_form_tag %>

Finally I created the following partial:

<% product = orderitem.product %>

<%= check_box 'orderitem', 'delete', 'index' => orderitem_counter %> <%= text_field 'orderitem', 'quantity', 'value' => orderitem.quantity, 'index' => orderitem_counter, :size => 4 %> <%= product.brand %> <%= product.title %>

Now when the user submits the form, I would like to read the quantity
each line_item and update my cart accordingly. Also, if the checkbox is
checked I would like to delete the line_item from the cart.

I have no clue how to do this in my controller…

Can you give me a hint?


Harm de Laat

Can somebody please comment on this? I’m realy stuck on this, and would
to move on…

Many thanks in advance!


Harm de Laat

On 26 Dec 2005, at 10:47, Harm de Laat wrote:

I have no clue how to do this in my controller…

Can you give me a hint?

Loop through the collection that’s submitted, check if the delete
button is checked and delete the item if so. If not then update the
item quantity. What part are you getting stuck on?


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