Reporting guidance

Hi all,

Anyone have any recommendations for reporting with jruby?

I am looking into JasperReports but there does not seem to be any
integration already out there to help with my cause. I am new to

There is a gem called jasper-rails that is ruby centric…it seems to
abstract some of the noise in making using jasperreports…any comments?

What about BIRT???

Much of the git reporting stuff seems pretty inactive.

Any comments appreciated,

I can offer some feedback on Jasper Reports. It was great for simple
report formats, but when it came time to substantially customize the
report formats (I had to do 3-level record nesting, for example), I
found it complicated and extremely difficult to use. The documentation
was sparse, so I purchased two books on the subject. That helped, but
there were still some things I was never able to figure out how to
implement. I suspect it wasn’t all me. :wink:

This was 2010 though; maybe things have changed since then. At the
time, I researched alternative products, but there wasn’t much out
there. We were looking for free (as in beer) software; if you have a
lot of money to throw around there are other options.

I was using it in Java and so I don’t have any experience with any Ruby

  • Keith

Keith R. Bennett

Last time I was looking the main players were Jasper, Pentaho and
LogiXML. Of the three Pentaho seemed to have the best featureset but I
haven’t deployed any of them so can’t really speak much them.

Going off topic, but… another open source alternative

I hadn’t heard of that but it sounds cool.

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