Report on progress with Raspberry Pi 2

BLUF: I can get gqrx to run but not very well. It will run for a few
seconds then hang badly. Sometimes the board needs to be rebooted.

After much goofing around getting it all setup again I ended up at the

It runs but not very well with a Funcube Pro Plus. gqrx will come up and
do get choppy audio for a few seconds when tuned to a NOAA Weather Radio
that is very close to me.

If anyone is interested I can provide more detail. Otherwise I am going
wait to see how this evolves.

Mike H., N4PLE
Sellersburg, IN

A simple WBFM radio receiver (RTL Source, Low Pass Filter, WBFM Receive,
Audio Sink) works well with my Raspberry Pi2 and a RTL SDR. As soon as I
add a FFT Sink (connected to the RTL Source) audio “stutters”, is
distorted and sometimes the program hangs. The indicated CPU load is
well below 50 % in this case.

RTL-SDR (part of the osmocom rtl-sdr package) works fine with a Pi2.