Replacing AR with RDF triple-store

most of my sites so far revolve around user customizable meta-cms
things, which incorporate user-submitted content, auto-aggregated
things, and a diverse set of ‘nodes’ with varying components and
attributes. using polymorphic and :through along with som custom model
code i was able to do what i want (but Josh S.'s ThroughExtender
thing just mentioned on his blog sounds like it would have saved me some
time and effort if it already existed…)

anyways, i really think what im doing using SQL is a big hack. if
looking at it as merely a tool to facilitate object persistence, i’m
almost willing to look over all the workarounds, but i’d like the
relationship between storage and current instances be a bit more
symbiotic. surely the past 35 years of smalltalk development has some
solutions that dont include SQL. has anyone used something like Kowari
as a backend for a Rails site? any white-papers or blog posts about