Replacement for functionality from acts_as_textiled

Our app is on Rails 2.1.0 and has a couple of fields used for job
descriptions. These fields use textile codes for bold, italic,
underline, etc… From what I understand this is provided by RedCloth
and acts_as_textiled. I have been investigating and find
acts_as_textiled ( is no
longer maintained, and although forked into another gem (https:// the developer no longer
sanctions the use of either.
Here is a section of code for a textiled box on our site.
Post details

<%= textile_editor :job_post, :details, :class=>'text_field' %>

The model for the job_post.rb has the following line also:
acts_as_textiled :details

So, what gem or method can I use in Rails 3.0.x to have bolding,
italic, etc… markup in this field. I hope my question makes sense.

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