Replace the first word of a string

Does anybody have a good starting point for how to read the first word
of a string and then, based on several defined pairs, swap it?

I’ve been considering using something like

@split = @message.split(’-’)
if @split[0] == “word”

elsif @split[0] == “otherword”


Even if this is the best way to do it, I’m not sure how to replace the
word or patch the string back up for display. :confused:

How about something like

words = {}
words[‘word’] = ‘newword’
words[‘otherword’] = ‘newotherword’

outmessage = message
splits = message.split(’ ‘)
if (words[splits[0]])
splits[0] = words[splits[0]]
outmessage = splits.join(’ ')

obviously it can be cleaned up a fair bit, but the hash will save having
a god awful if or switch statement


how about this?

lookup = { “word”=>“newword”,…}
first_word = @message[[email protected](" ")]
first_word = lookup[first_word]

On Apr 23, 1:22 pm, Robert S. [email protected]

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