Rendering another action instead of the specified action

In my view i am using as that is in the new.rhtml
<%= link_to “Show All Elections”,:controller => “elections”,:action =>
“display” %>

And in the controller i am using the definition as
def display
@elections = Election.find(:all)

I have the display.rhtml page as

<% for h_edi_employee_election in @h_edi_employee_elections %>
<%= link_to %Q{#{election.Employee_Id}}, :action => ‘show’, :id =>
election %>
<% end %>

But it is not rendering the display action
Show is the another action which display only the particular employee…
i need to display the list so i used the display action
But when i click the link it is throwing the exception

NoMethodError in Elections#show
Showing elections/_form.rhtml where line #104 raised:

why it is rendering the action show? and going for the _form.rhtml
can anyone please help me?
and i also kept the validations in my model but they are not effecting
when i am creating the employee.Please Help me regarding these issues…