Render :update issue

Hey all,
I have a case where I need to use rjs to update add some new content
(a prototype window) to a page and then fill in the content of that
window. The issue I’m running into is that to create the window I call
a javascript function which creates the window. The, I need to fill in
a div in that window with some content which is produced from another
javascript call.

If I make the calls back to back in my render :update block, I get an
error that an invlaid or illegal string was specified. I’m assuming
that this is because the div I created with my first javascript call
isn’t present in the page that is being used to call the second.

The code looks something like this:

render :update do |page| “createWindow”, *params… “fillInWindow”

The fillInWindow function is attempting to load content into a div
created by the createWindow call. Is there some way to update the page
before calling the second js function?

I hope this makes sense, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Nevermind, it looks like a bug with the js package I’m using…

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