Render :partial inserting new line in RJS

Struggling a bit with rendering a partial in an RJS template. I’m having
to feed the javascript directly to the page object as couldn’t find a
way to have insert_html work directly on the proxy object returned by

However, that’s not the problem. The code for doing that is below and it
all works fine, except that a new line is being inserted after the
partial and before the final single quote, which means the string isn’t
terminated. It’s definitely not in the partial, which is a simple

  • <%= #stuff %>
  • page << “first_item = $$(’#rant_list li’).first(); new Insertion.Before
    first_item, ‘#{render(:partial => ‘rant_list_item’, :object =>

    Anybody got any ideas why it’s doing this?

    Oddly, this works fine if I cut and paste the partial and do a render
    :inline with the cut and pasted code

    OK. Refactored the problem out by arranging my divs differently. Still,


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