Render partial for ym4r gmarker info_window in rjs

Hi All,

I’m trying to add a marker with an info_window on my map in a rjs
request using a partial.

---- new.js.rjs ----
marker =[, @bar.lng], :info_window => render
(:partial => “/foo/bar”, :object => @bar))
page << @map.record_global_init(marker.declare(‘new_bar’)) # declare
js variable
page << @map.overlay_init(marker)
page << @map.record_init(“new_bar.openInfoWindowHtml(”#
----end new.js.rjs ----

----end _bar.html.erb----

The above works fine. However if I add a new line or other html to my
partial the marker and info_window do not appear.


----end _bar.html.erb----

All the examples I could find use very simple text for the info_window

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.