Render html to pic

So a need to do a complete print to an image of a website, server
side, and doesn’t really matters the price (ok it matters, if its not
to high :P). Runs a nix machine

So i found a a couple of options:

Convert HTML To Image on Linux : JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG with html2image for Linux It has a ruby
samples and it works perfectly(4 lines of code), but i can’t find the
API and the available methods.

Http:// Also
works, uses firefox to render, but i don’t know how it will handle
lots of multiple requests(performance wise), any idea?

khtml2png download | similar to pearl
crescebt, but for konqueror

with headless server
i need to use python :frowning: MozSnapshooter
seems to work, didn’t have time to try it, any one used it?

seleniumhq ( uses ruby and has an interface
that can grab a screenshot. does any one know of samples with selenium
(any example should do)?

Does any one know alternatives?
Does any one used one of them?
Performance wise, what should i use?

That’s an interesting problem. If you don’t mind me asking, why do you
to take screenshots of your websites?

During vacations i was invited to add features to a project (need
money for erasmus :P), already in use in some schools(full district),
for children between 6~10 years. The project is a page were student
can do or submit assignments(painting, writing), share information,
etc, with some social networking. It is also menth to support parents,
teachers and school management. this at a basic level.

as i said i was invited to work on it, and do some research and
wrought features (interface doesn’t really matter, just the logic).

like i said, they can do projects on it, and i need to get a thumbnail
of it (might be text, might be a picture, might be anything else,
there are planed more stuff).

the page has areas were project can be exposed\promoted(for the class,
school, district), that’s were the image generator really matters, i
need thumbnails of the image generated

So i need to create a preview of every new project or change in
project, right after i save it. i dont need the complete page (i will
crop the page borders), but i need the complete project (or the head
of it)