Render_component in application.rhtml


I’m using application.rhtml as the common layout for all controllers in
my app. I want to add navigation links inside the header portion of
each page and this section is in the application layout
(application.rhtml). The navigation links also include inforation like
username and a link to logout if the user is logged in, or link to
login…standard stuff.

Anyway, i have controller that determines whether or not the user is
logged in and fetches the username from the model. I use this
controller and its action in application.rhtml with render_component.
However, when i go to my homepage, it does NOT display any of the plain
text information. The username is in plain text, as well as the
separator ("|"). It only displays it if it is a link.

I have no idea why this is happening and i would greatly appreciate any

Thanks in advance