Renaming a file inside a zip


Can anyone help me or give me any clue on how to rename a file (or
folder) inside a zip file without having to unzip it first. I’m trying
to do this using the rubyzip gem without luck.



Hi Franco,

Thanks for your reply, but still it ain’t working for. I need to
rename a folder not a file. It works fine for file but not for
folders. I tried this and it correctly renamed the file build.yml to
builder.yml, BUT the folder wasn’t rename, instead it created a new
folder in the same level of the one I wanted to rename. Any clues?'/home/elioncho/Desktop/'){|zf|
  parent_folder = zf.get_entry('Test/')
  file = zf.get_entry('Prueba/build.yml') = 'Prueba/testing/' = 'Prueba/builder.yml'

You must require ‘zip/zipfilesystem’ and‘’) do |zipfile|
zipfile.file.rename ‘orignal_name.txt’, ‘new_name.txt’

And this is it, for more information see the Zip::ZipFileSystem class


Franco C…

There is no method to directly rename a directory, you must use the
rename in every file between the directory like this:‘’) do |zipfile|
zipfile.file.rename ‘original_dir/orignal_name.txt’, ‘new_dir/

And after that you can remove the original directory.


Franco C…

I copied a wrong code, here it is. As I say before it only works for
renaming the file not the folder.'/home/elioncho/Desktop/'){|zf|
  parent_folder = zf.get_entry('Test/')
  file = zf.get_entry('Test/build.yml') = 'Testing/' = 'Test/builder.yml'

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