Removing gnuradio 3.6 and reinstalling 3.7 with build-gnu radio

I have a system that is remotely deployed. I have ssh access to the
machine and some limited Vnc. I do not have physical access to do a
fresh OS install.

In looking at my install, it looks like I got 3.6 for most stuff, but a
fair amount of 3.7 is ‘tainting’ the install. I’d like to remove
everything and do a clean install with Mr Leech’s build-gnuradio. (Thank
you, good script! Everyone should donate! )

Any suggestions for pulling out the old stuff? Do I just delete out the
stuff in /use/local ? Seems dangerous?


On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 8:40 AM, Jim M. [email protected] wrote:

stuff in /use/local ? Seems dangerous?


If you installed via source, the safest way is to run ‘make uninstall’,
that requires that you have the same version built that’s installed. If
you’ve updated the source, it won’t be as effective since files have
changed and been added and removed.

Yes, you can delete stuff yourself from /usr/local, but just make sure
it’s definitely GNU Radio related, which should be pretty easy since
all either have gnuradio in the name or be in a directory called


That’ll take care of a lot of it. But also look for pmt and volk stuff,