Removing attribute prefix from validation error messages

Any idea how to remove attribute name from validation error messages?

Try this

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
validate do |user|
user.errors.add_to_base(“This is my custom message”) if user.

Actually, bgumbiker, I just posted this answer yesterday so a bit more
searching might have produced an answer.

If you used Ranjan’s answer, you’ll have to enter a specific custom
message for each validation you do. If you use the solution I
outlined in that URL or below, you change the “humanization” version
of that column name so you can do validations as normal and when the
human name is used to display an error message, it’ll use the one you

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base

HUMANIZED_COLUMNS = {:msg => “Message”}

def self.human_attribute_name(attribute)
HUMANIZED_COLUMNS[attribute.to_sym] || super


THanks Richard,
Could you post any further usage example as I am quite new in Ruby and
Rails and do not understand what happening below in your code. Is :msg
an attribute in the model?

Your validation error message is coming from your model. In your
model, you have something like this:

class MyModel < ActiveRecord::Base

validates_presence_of :msg, :message => “can’t be blank”


When you submit a form you are validating that the message someone
enters in the column field you created in your database, which is
called “msg” actually has something in it (validates_presence_of).
Here, we’re saying when someone submits a form and the “msg” field is
empty, give them this error:

can’t be blank

The name of the column here is “msg.” But you don’t want to display
that in your error back to the client. You want it to say something
nice like “Message can’t be blank” not “msg can’t be blank.”

So, in my method, we take the same model we have above and add the
humanize mapping.

class MyModel < ActiveRecord::Base

validates_presence_of :msg, :message => “can’t be blank”

HUMANIZED_COLUMNS = {:msg => “Message”}

def self.human_attribute_name(attribute)
HUMANIZED_COLUMNS[attribute.to_sym] || super


With that method, you’re just mapping a hash of symbols (in this case
you just have one - :msg) and modifying the human_attribute_name
method that rails uses when displaying the validation error. You see,
when the validation fails (the value for the field was not present) it
spits out the error containing the (humanized version) of the column
name with the :message you gave it. The validation error is always
humanizing the column name, but it can’t make much of “msg” so it
leaves it alone. I always suggest giving column names (in your
database / model) when you set it up to be good column names it can
humanize. But, if you have to have one like “msg,” then you can work
around it when it tries to humanize it.

To break down the method just a little, “human_attribute_name” is a
method in ActionRecord, but it’s present here since your class
“MyModel” inherits from ActionRecord::Base. You are essentially
modifying it by "def"ining it here. You’re just saying, when you
“humanize” a column, for whatever reason, see if the column name is in
my hash “HUMANIZED_COLUMNS” and use that value instead of the column
name you’re going to try to humanize.

Hope that helps,

“Yes” is the short answer, but I was hoping that explaining more about
it you’d get a little more out of my answer.


Thanks Richard!,
It is now clear I like it!

You can use custom error message plugin to display custom message…