Removing a directory form SVN and thus, Capistrano Deploy

I have a public/user directory created by file_column. I have a
task setup to symlink with: run “ln -nfs #{deploy_to}/shared/user
#{release_path}/public/user” . The problem is since the user directory
in svn, the symlink doesn’t work because the directory already exists.
anyone know how I can remove the public/user directory and contents from
subversion and set it so that new files are not ignored? I know how to
an ignore propset like /log/. but can I actually tell it to ignore the
whole directory itself?


To delete a directory in svn there is a rmdir command. It is not
clear from your post if that is all you need, or if you are concerned
about the target server as well. You could always add a rm command to
your deploy script to empty the user directory, then use rmdir to
remove the user directory itself. The actual user files of course
should be in a separate directory tree from the one managed by
capistrano (which you seem to be setting up).


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