Remote Rails Job

For anyone interested. Pays well and you can work from home. For info,
contact me at [email protected].

At, we’re laser focused on disrupting the email marketing
We are attacking large, incumbent players with a fresh new approach to
user experience and customer acquisition. We’re looking for a
second-in-command to join our engineering team and be an integral part
of a fast-moving start-up as it attacks an established industry head-on
(and wins :slight_smile: ).

Have 2 years experience in object-oriented programming (preferably in
Ruby), and design concepts
Have strong CS fundamentals
Are a proficient full-stack developer
Possess broad knowledge of the “state of the art” in web development
Are excited about learning new technologies, solving challenging
technical problems and participating in architecture discussions
Like to push code to production as soon as it is ready
Are looking to join an agile team of passionate and talented engineers
Have experience working on web apps undergoing tremendous growth
Have solid experience in relational databases
Prefer working remotely (and can show us you’ve been successful at it)

Work hard, but also believe in balance
Back up our talk with a competitive compensation and benefits package,
challenging projects, and dynamic co-workers
Have values that we refuse to compromise, in everything we do (do more
with less, invest in simplicity, expect excellence, tolerate nothing
less, be flexible/stay flexible, and floor our customers with every
Are bootstrapped, and proud of it … so we (and our customers) call the
shots, no one else
Are based in NYC and San Fran
Have two visions - to create a platform that customers prefer to
Constant Contact, and to make Robly employees and customers a little bit
happier every single day