Remote function: poor performance when erasing a div with lots of elements


I have a controller action that just has to replace a div with

Controller -

def contract
render :text => “”


I would think that this action would operate at the same speed
regardless of what was in the div. I find, however, when there is a
lot of text/material in the div the action takes longer to complete.

Is there a ‘proper’ way to do this that is more efficient?

I’m running Ruby version 1.9.1, Rails version 2.3.2 on a i386-
darwin9.6.0 platform (mac os X)



A search suggests that this may be a browser bottleneck, rather than a
rails bottleneck. Rails finishes the task in 1ms, and there is a lag
until the browser (Firefox) updates the div. And according to this
javascript - Why is innerHTML = "" slow in Firefox - Stack Overflow,
this may be a browser issue.