[Remote] Everum – Ruby on Rails engineer, strong junior to senior

Our company has been operating in online gaming industry since 2016. We’re growing and building up our gaming platform and related set of products, as looking for a Rails developer to join our team.

Ruby on Rails is at the core of our platform offering, supporting some of the most critical functionality – from payments for end-user-facing websites. We’re building a modular and flexible architecture that allows us to customise and tailor the platform towards the needs of individual brands and partners, while offering advanced and easy to use control and maintenance tools.

While we’re deeply committed to Ruby on Rails in our stack, but at the same time we’re using other best tools when they make sense. In our project you’ll find React for SPA frontends, Next.js for some of the full-stack features, Go as the core of a high-performance event sourced gaming engine.

All of this is wrapped into developer-friendly and well maintained infrastructure. From 90% test coverage, to multiple deploys per days, true CI/CD, evergreen main brand and end-of-Friday deliveries – we’re committed to building an environment where developer can safely and effectively do their best work.

We’re got big plans and plenty of interesting challenges. If you want to learn how to maintain and evolve Rails applications, how to split and modularise Rails monolith, how to work with event sourcing architectures, and most of all – do it in a real production system under load and see you work being used by end users within minutes – join us!

Our platform and project

  • Modular architecture based on “best tools for the job” approach: Ruby on Rails, Go, Next.js, React;
  • Ruby 2.7, Rails 6 — we aim to keep up with the times;
  • 90% test coverage — multiple releases per day, evergreen main branch, Friday evening deploys and worry-free weekends :slightly_smiling_face:
  • flexible cloud-based infrastructure — Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, CI/CD, single-click deploys and rollbacks.

About you

  • knowledge of Ruby on Rails and an understanding of its frontend parts;
  • willingness to solve open-ended problems and take ownership from initial discussion to the release;
  • initiative and decision-making, based on “strong opinions loosely held” mindset;
  • good communication skills – essential in a remote team.

About us

  • fully remote team spread across multiple countries and timezones;
  • flexible “set your own” work hours;
  • no bureaucracy, work with your peers and your CTO every day;
  • training, courses, personal development, any tools necessary to be effective;
  • willingness to experiment, ownership and initiative, self-organisation and communication skills – this is what makes us a great team;
  • salary depending on your experience level.

Are you interested, but want to know more? Get in touch with any questions!

Contact at: [email protected]