Remote Development?

I have a server that I am logging into to do my rails development.
The problem is that I can’t view my application over the web. I have
tried script/server as well as monrel_rails start and am I wrong to
say that they only bind to localhost and are therefore not viewable
over the web? I have also tried binding them to the ip address of the
server I log into using the --address= option as well as using
ifconfig and trying the ip addresses listed there. Am I just being
stupid or am I missing something?

Hi, have you tried do the following:


If you’re on a Mac, you might be interested in using something like
MacFuse to connect to your remote server.

Good luck,


It should listen on all addresses… The machine is probably
firewalled off, its it at a hosting provider, or something on your
local network? And you are using the correct port to listen to?