Remote call issues


I have a remote call i’m making in a search feature that’s on a page
with another form.

Off to the side, this remote form performs the search and returns the

Problem is that if the user enters another search, the remote form
doesn’t fire and no

new results are returned.

The remote form is this:

<% form_remote_tag :url => '/users/searchpt' do -%> <%= text_field_tag "search", nil, :size => 25 %>   <%= submit_tag "Search" %> <% end %>

Where the div “srchres” is where the results are placed.

And here’s the render code from the controller that places the results:
render :update do |page|
if @users.empty?
page.replace ‘srchRes’, :partial => ‘/users/usearchempty’
page.replace ‘srchRes’, :partial => ‘/users/usearchfriends’

I’m sure it’s something I’m doing with a mismatch of methods. Any help
you could

provide would be greatly appreciated.



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