Remote Access to USRP testbed with GNU Radio

Hi, all

We are interesting to build up a USRP testbed which allowed the guest
access to do some experiments.
I have seen someone’s youtube video that they control the USRPs to
different signals through SSH access.
But I want to double check if it allowed guest control of USRP devices ?

Are there any other settings I need to take care of, in order to

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

I have accessed and used a USRP over SSH before. In fact, I accessed it
the Internet, not just a LAN. Although I was not the one who set it up,
far as I know, nothing additional had to be done to enable this. I
logged in as the user account under which GNU Radio had been installed.
machine was running Ubuntu, in case it matters.


Remember that you in fact are not required to “Login” to the USRP at
all, it isn’t an interactive device, more like a peripheral device to a
host computer. Thus your remote access limitation is purely dependent on
the remote host you utilize to run GNURadio to interface to the USRP.
The main issue you are like to run into is using update intensive GRC
graphical tools such as FFT via X or VNC which can be very problematic
over WANs. In terms of the USRP itself, if the location is truly remote
with no local support then it would be wise to utilize A USRP other than
the USRP2 since this model requires the SDCard to be physically replaced
to upgrade firmware+FPGA. It would also be wise to have a remote
accessible PDU so you can power cycle the USRP if necessary.

I’ve built austere “lights out” remote satellite ground stations that
use USRP’s with great success.


has configuring USRP support. Following these instructions will allow
in the USRP group to run the hardware without root access.


On 07/10/2011 8:53 AM, Robert McGwier wrote:

has configuring USRP support. Following these instructions will allow
users in the USRP group to run the hardware without root access.


Also, the build-gnuradio script takes care of this for the calling user
(but not any others). I want to add that as a possible feature–perhaps
prompt for the userids you wish to be added or something. Or maybe
have it add all the “ordinary” users.

I believe people are answering the question but are slightly off target.

Create a group on your Linux distribution call USRP, make sure those
you want control the USRP as users (AND NOT ROOT) are in this group. The
read the gnuradio wiki about the other changes granting device
etc. This is how remote users gain control of the USRP locally without
as well as over SSH whether the machine is accessible over a LAN only
the full internet.


It seems like remote access to the host computer does not allow the
display, like usrp2_fft, as well as gnuradio companion?

Is there any way to make it possible?


Thanks a lot for all the replys!
Sorry that I forgot to mention I am using USRP2.

I think the link is for USRP which create a usrp group for non root