Remember me functionality

Hi all,

I am trying to implement the functionality of Remember Me. The
requirement is that once the user closes the browser after checking the
remember me check box, it should return to the login page with username
and password fields to be filled into the text boxes and the checkbox
button checked, so that there is no need to fill all the fields. I am
not able to fill the text boxes with user name and password fields.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


in order for the boxes / fields to be filled automatically you’ll need
to have something like


<%= text_field ‘obj’, ‘attribute1’ %>
<%= check_box ‘obj’, ‘attribute2’ %>
<%= etc_field ‘obj’, ‘attribute3’ %>


def rhtml
@obj = Model.find(obj_id)

and the fields should be filled automatically.
hope this helps :slight_smile:


<%= text_field ‘obj’, ‘attribute1’, :value => @obj.attribute1 %>
<%= check_box ‘obj’, ‘attribute2’, :value => @obj.attribute2 %>
<%= etc_field ‘obj’, ‘attribute3’, :value => @obj.attribute3 %>