Reload controller with FCGI


since webrick does not need to run with FCGI how do you get a rails
app in FCGI mode to reload the controller (since it caches in
production). Is it simply a restart of apache ?



Run the command “script/process/reaper reload” in your Rails base



Check out the “Better FCGI” section in these Rails release notes:

There’s also documentation here on how to do this:


thanks guys. I am a little confused though.

I am running fastcgi in production mode (production.log is updated
and INITIAL_ENV is set to prodction), however i am able to make
changes to controllers without restarting.

I just added a new controller and rails picked it up and displayed it.
isnt this not supposed to happen in production mode ?



that would definitely explain it thanks !



You have run into an exception to the rule. In production mode,

changes to the controllers and models will not be picked up until you
restart. But if you add entirely new controllers and models, they
will be picked up the first time you hit them from a browser. After
that, they will not show changes until the webserver is bounced.


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