RELEASE: Ruby Gstreamer 0.10 bindings 0.2.0

I’m pround to announce version 0.2.0 of the Ruby Gstreamer 0.10

Changes for 0.2.0:

  • Various refcounting issues have been fixed.

API changes/additions:
* Gst::Pad#link returns a Gst::Pad::LinkReturn instead of a boolean
* Gst::Pad#>> can be used to link pads together (Returns
the destination pad on success or nil on failure)
* Gst::Element#base_time and Gst::Element#base_time= were added to
gst_element_get_base_time and gst_element_set_base_time
* Gst::Object#parent was added to bind gst_object_get_parent
* Gst::MiniObject#flags was added to get the flag of a
* Gst::Buffer#flags was added to get the flags of a GstBuffer.
* Gst::Pad#unlink returns a boolean indicating if the pads we’re
succesfully unlinked instead of self.
* Gst::Element#unlink was added to bind gst_element_unlink
* Gst::Element#unlink_pads is deprecated use Element#unlink instead!

Although the basics work quite well, there is still quite some work that
to be done. Help for this is very welcome, please see the site for more

For more information see the Ruby Gstreamer0.10 website:
For comments and questions please use the Ruby Gstreamer0.10
For bugs please file a ticket on the Ruby Gstreamer0.10 Trac site:

Sjoerd S.