Release nginx-push-stream version 0.3.3


I am releasing version 0.3.3 of nginx push stream


  • Adding JSONP support to pushstream.js and dynamically callback
  • Adding event type feature to Event Source support
  • Adding tag and time available at message template, and make possible
    these values without set headers
  • Adding a reference count to the message to avoid discard it before be
    processed for all workers
  • Adding padding messages based on user agent to bypass some problems on
    android/safari browsers on long-polling
  • Improvement on memory usage to reuse chains and buffers
  • Improvement on javascript message parser regexp
  • Improvement on sending alert messages to workers only when necessary
  • Improvement on reset ping timer when a message is sent
  • Improvement on disconnect any subscriber which receives a non OK
    when writing to its socket
  • Improvement on documentation organization
  • Improvement on preventing XSS when using pushstream.js
  • Fixing memory leak when saving channels on a rbtree with ids which
    collides, problem inherited from Nginx and reported by Lanshun Zhou
  • Fixing memory leak in javascript
  • Fixing read messages in high throughput using keepalive on
  • Fixing EventSourceWrapper class on pushstream.js to use native
    reconnection feature from EventSource