Relative_url_root and problems with CSS url()

I’m using relative_url_root to allow my app to be run from a sub-
domain. Things work fine except with images that are referenced in my
CSS code.

For example,
background-image: url(/images/bg_image.jpg);
does not take into account the value in relative_url_root.
Consequently, my background image (and other images similarly
referenced in my stylesheet) are not loadable.

Anyone know a workaround?



I hear relative_url_root works only (mahbe) with Apache, so I can
probably assume that’s what you’re using? Then I will.

You’ll probably have to use mod_rewrite in your .htaccess file, and
point the /images/ folder to wherever your images are… I can’t help
much more than that since I haven’t gotten much experience with
relative_url_root, though.