Regular expressions: Find part of a string


Hello Everyone,

I’m quite new to regular expressions, and I’m looking for a way to
find the first 3 letters in a string.

So let’s say I have the following string: “foobar”, I want to know
what the first three letters of this string is (in this case it’s

What is the regex to make this happen?

Thanks in advance.


Jermaine wrote:

Thanks in advance.

p “foobar”[/…/]


p “foobar”[/\A…/]

\A anchors to beginning of string, which is

same as above for this regex

p “foobar”[/.{3,3}/]

accepts between 3 and 3 chars


You could use regex for this, but if you just want the first three
characters, why not use the substring?


Using regex, you could do something like:


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On Jun 4, 10:16 pm, “Matthew K. Williams” removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

Hello Everyone,
Thanks in advance.
Great stuff. Very simple and concise, worked out great for me.
Thanks guys!


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