Regarding OFDM demodulation

Hello sir,
I connect OFDM simple block diagram as shown below.I got OFDM
output but unable to get OFDM Demodulated output.Will you please suggest
any solution for this.
Thank you Sir.

Dear Gaddam,

I think your symbol generation is a bit weird.
I think you want to send binary data, but you convert that to float
before passing it to OFDM mod. I’m pretty sure that’s not what you
really want to do – just set the input type in the OFDM mod block to
byte, short or int, and generate random numbers between 0 and 2^8, 2^16
or 2^32, respectively, using the corresponding output type of your
random source.

Anyway, you’re not giving nearly enough information to help you – “not
getting demodulated output” doesn’t really indicate what goes wrong. Try
the recommendations in [1], to give us a more meaningful description of
the problem.

Best regards,
Marcus M?ller



Hello sir,

There’s not only “sirs” on this list, but also “ladies”, and maybe a few
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