Regarding internship and PhD opportunities

Hello Everyone!!
I am an International Student enrolled in Masters of Science in Embedded
Systems at ECE Paris. I am pursuing a 2 years MS course in Paris with
prestigious Ile de France Fellowship by French Government. Before that I
have completed my Bachelor of Technology from BKBIET Pilani in July
Currently I am also involved in a research project on Software Defined
Radio at my university in Paris, which involves work on Universal
Radio Peripheral Device (USRP) and GnuRadio. I am also highly skilled in
microcntrollers and their assembly programming. Also I am good at
development for different problems.
I am highly motivated to pursue my career in Research and PhD. As my
masters requires me to do two internships during my studies, one in
year for 4 months (May 2012 to September 2012) and second in second year
for 6 months (Feb 2013 to Jul 2013), I am interested in pursuing these
internships in same research field so that I can excel in that which
also help me in pursuing PhD further.
I would be glad to know if there is any institute or organization
for candidates like me ready to devote 10 months of internship as well
pursue PhD in same field.
Thank you very much
Best Regards
Shashank G.
ECE Paris