Reg: Gnu build. ([email protected])

Can anyone help at resolving this issue with gr-trellis/doc ?
I am not sure what is going wrong here, since
it builds in all other platforms.


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 My problem with minimal gnubuild was finally solved and things went

well. From what happened in the past few weeks, I guess the problem was
with the outdated cygwin package and a conflict between the built in cpp
unit of cygwin and the third party cppunit installed. So once I updated
my cygwin package and did not install the built in cppunit with cygwin,
the build of minimal gnuradio went successfully and the example program
ran well.

Hence I proceeded with the build of a full gnuradio system with all
components enabled. But the ./configure produced an error with the
gr-trellis module as indicated below…

make[5]: Leaving directory /cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/src/lib' make[4]: Leaving directory/cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/src/lib’
Making all in python
make[4]: Entering directory /cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/src/python' make[4]: Nothing to be done forall’.
make[4]: Leaving directory /cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/src/python' make[4]: Entering directory/cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/src’
make[4]: Nothing to be done for all-am'. make[4]: Leaving directory/cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/src’
make[3]: Leaving directory /cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/src' Making all in doc make[3]: Entering directory/cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/doc’
xmlto html-nochunks gr-trellis.xml
xmlto: input does not validate (status 3)
error : Operation in progress
/cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/doc/gr-trellis.xml:6: warning: failed to
load external entity “/cygd
error : Operation in progress
warning: failed to load external entity
Could not load the external subset “docbookx.dtd”
Document /cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/doc/gr-trellis.xml does not
make[3]: *** [gr-trellis.html] Error 3
make[3]: Leaving directory /cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis/doc' make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1 make[2]: Leaving directory/cygdrive/c/gnuradio/gr-trellis’
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/cygdrive/c/gnuradio’
make: *** [all] Error 2
[email protected] /cygdrive/c/gnuradio

However when I disable this gr-trellis component alone in the
./configure, all other modules were built successfully and the example
programs were working.

Thnx & Regards,

Shriram K V